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Park Ji Yoon vs. Lee Jung Hyun

I tried a google translation and sort of got the gist of it. Something about PJY going for the acoustic ballads in favour of her older more upbeat and controversial style. And LJH, who was always known to have unusual concepts is keeping it that way. The upcoming mini-album will have a strong concept with fast, upbeat and fun songs.

A better translation would be handy if anyone is able to!

What's in your collection?

I have all of her Korean albums, her Chinese album, and all Japanese albums/singles except for Passion/Heavy world and HYONY. I'm a little bit broke so I have to wait to get those later. Her Japanese stuff is so expensive! I also have a bunch of music video/performance files, remixes, and DJ Remix Services (VERY RARE!). In fact a lot of her stuff is rare because it's all out of print! >=[

I really want to get her Fantasia VCD and her Summer Dance Promo EP.

Share your collection!

AVA 1st Mini-Album

According to the official SBS network, Lee Jung Hyun (AVA) will release her first mini-album in May (possibly mid-May). Currently many Korean artists are releasing mini-albums because of weak album sales. This is the first album to be rolled out in Korea in two years and seven months. Her new mini-album will consist of 5 or 6 new songs (half of a full album). A representative of Ava Entertainment says that AVA’s new album will feature sophisticated pop music like that of Britney Spears and other young pop stars. Her new music video will be a dance song, hopefully something new and fresh! Check out her cyworld for new pictures of the dancers audition in L.A.


We welcome the singer who debuted ten years ago, now she has a new world-famous choreographer for her album comeback. Her last release was on her mini-homepage, and told us about her upcoming situation and some news. She says “YG Entertainment is like a family and they are welcoming AVA Entertainment (her own new agency) into their nest.” to clarify.

Also, Lee Jung Hyun reveals in a happy state of mind; “My name overseas is very difficult to say, so my stage name will be Ava Lee.”

“Asia’s best team of musical talents, Yoon Il Sang (composed many of her previous hits), Lee Min Soo (famous director), and E-Tribe (wrote SNSD’s Gee and Hyori's U-Go-Girl) and US’s best choreographer Brian Friedman (worked with popular stars like Justin Timberlake) will be directing and helping me to prepare for my new music video. I’m working very hard on my album; I’m tired but restless because of the tension.”

From her 1999 debut with ‘Wa’ to her comeback 10 years later, she has come a long way. Her 10th year anniversary concert will be in Seoul, Korea on October 10th, 2009.

If everything goes well..
New album + mv will be out in early May and her stage comeback will be in mid May. Be prepared for the transformation of AVA!

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Hi, not sure if we're allowed to post to the community to say hi, but I just wanted to say yo! Lee Jung Hyun is my favorite KPop singer, and thats kinda saying something since about a third of the music on my computer is various Korean singers, haha. So it's just pretty awesome to see other Lee Jung Hyun fans! She's just so much fun, and I've been crazy about her since I saw the video for Mi Chiyo (Going Crazy) which is my favorite Korean song. It kinda led me to start studying Korean, so yep. Lee Jung Hyun rocks.
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