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Does anyone have HQ of the following...

Wa Performances & Music Video
Bakkwo Performances & Music Video
WA Japanese Performances
Heaven Japanese Performances
Joolae Performances & Music Video
GX 339-4 Performances

I don't even know if some have performances or MVs, just asking for a friend. Thanks!
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NEWS-Leejunghyun left message on her Chinese fan site

2008, Hyony keeps fantastic~

Hyony's left message on her chinese official fan site "LIVEJH" asks her fans contribute funds for those people who influenced by the earthquake in China.

According from Chinese Official report, there are more than 54000 people died during this damage event.

Hyun is busy on her latest drama in Korea and could not comes to China, so she sent money to her Chinese manager and asks her manager transfer her money to those people who really need help.


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